This is a 1954 Wolverine boat owner by Doug Bosch. it is a beautiful wolverine boat
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This is a Mid 1950's Elgin boat (Wolverine Cousin) Owner by Dave Katterheinrich
My 1955 Wolverine named  Brian's Weigh  Owner By Brian Fogarty
My Dad's 1955 Wagemaker Wolverine was brought into our family in 1967, including a 1957 35hp Evinrude Lark engine. By Erica
1958 Wolverine boat Owner by John Sexton
Peter Mones- I purchased my boat in April 2012 and at the same time moved into a new house. I'm now starting to work on it. It's a 1954, 14 ft Wagemaker. The boat sat in a garage upside down for 37 years. The owner broke the transom and started the repairs, but never finished. He grew old and realized he could not complete the project. I have already installed the transom and now stripping the boat. The outboard is a 1957 Mercury Mark 30E. The outboard was stored in the basement for 37 years. Thanks to Action Marina, Holyoke, MA they were able to get it running with very little mechanical repairs. I love the Art Deco look of these outboards. Hope to have the boat ready for springtime boating.....
Ernie Arena-I own a completely restored 1957 Wagemaker Wolverine with 1958 Mercury MK 58
  Melvyn Drexler-Proud owner of a '53 Wolverine (14')
Michael Claudon-We are in the final stages of restoring my Caddy Seville by Michael Claudon- this is a beautiful Cadillac boat
Kevin and Kimberly Henderson- We are new owners of a 1953 Wagemaker Wolverine. Looking forward to making many memories with her.
Jon Polzin- Owner of a 1956 Wagemaker Wolverine
Dave Opperman- Just purchased 1939 15ft. Wagemaker Wolverine w/2 Merc. 55's on 1947 American Trailer!....
Nik Harvey- My father, younger brothers, and I grew up on my grandpa's '57 wolverine. Grandpa raised it from the bed of the Elizabeth river in Norfolk Va, sometime in the 60's and refinished and customized it. we are now members of the acbs smith mt. lake chapter and love to take it our every chance we get. we run a 35 hp '56 johnson sea horse outboard on it.
1957 Wolverine- her name is Howler Owner by Cindy Palmer and her Husband