‚Äč‚ÄčThis is for members of Wagemaker Wolverine boats and items related to them. If you have any Video on Wolverine, Cadillac or Elgin boats and would like to share your Videoes on this web site. This Page use for a teaching, commentary, and research purposes only. If you would like to be on this page, Please contact me on my home page.
Brian Fogarty
This is a 1956 Wagemaker Wolverine restored by Samuel S. Morgan - This is a great video. Thank you so much for sharing.
This is a great video. Thank you so much for sharing. by Todd Cavender below
1953 16' Wooden Runabout (Wagemaker Wolverine) - Rub Rail Removal - This video we look at some deck planking damage and walk through removing screws to pull the rub rail away to make the repair.  by Chris Davis Thank you so much for sharing.
Turning over our 1953 Wagemaker Wolverine so we can fix a couple issues with the keel -How we went about flipping our wooden runabout so we could work on the keel. We used block and tackle (double pulley set up top, single on bottom) plus an engine hoist to support the front. Boat weighs about 300 lbs. by Chris Davis 
1953 Wagemaker Wolverine 1987 Merc 70hp Engine Removal (Step 1 - Throttle, Shift, Steering controls) - First step in removing the 1987 Mercury 70 hp outboard motor from the boat. We're pulling the throttle, shift and steering controls first.  by Chris Davis
1953 Wagemaker  Wolverine 1987 Mercury 70 HP Engine Removal, Part 2 (Wiring harness, strap lift) - Removal of a 1987 Mercury 70 HP Engine from our wooden runabout. Part 2 is simply the wiring harness and a quick look at how we hoisted it. (Mercury recommends a lifting eye bolt that they sell... I didn't have one so I improvised, but you should get that lifting eye.) by Chris Davis 
This is a video of a 1955 Wolverine. 1956 40 hp Evinrude with a 1957 Ajax trailer. by Karl J Klimek below
Took my 1952 Cadillac 15ft rowboat and outfitted it with a dash, pulley type steering, snap-on seats, and a matching bow. Topped it all off with a 1955 Mercury Mark 25, my favorite motor. story and video by Josh Miller beloiw
Some random drone footage I took of my Cadillac last summer. Hopefully more to come this year! by Corbin James. see below below