Here's the latest photos of the my 56' Cadillac Seville Owner Dennis Thimm below - This is a beautiful boat. This page is to inform people about how many types of Cadillac Boats were built for a teaching, commentary, and research purposes only
The boat is a 1958 Cadillac Catalina, Model 714 (14'). Dad bought it in the early sixties--the registration sticker next to the hull (on the bottom of the stack) expired in 1965. We used it just sporadically until the novelty wore off, then it sailed the side yard for about thirty years (keel up) until I rescued it last summer (2014). Fortunately, it was still all original with no aftermarket accessories attached or holes drilled. I restored the hull and transom late last summer, and finished the interior this spring. And, by sheer luck, I found the perfect motor to mate with it--a recently restored 1956 Johnson Sea Horse, 7 1/2 hp. Dad's trailer (a GATOR I think), wasn't salvageable, but I found another old GATOR which I also fully restored to like new condition last summer.

See attached before and after photos. owner Dave Picray below

It maybe all of the all Cadillac Aluminum Boats below If you want a pictures of these boats below lets me know
​Thank you Brian Fogarty

​1. The Avalon – Model 212 (12’), 214 (14’), 216 (16’)
2. The Daytona – Model 112 ( 12’ ) , 114 ( 14’ ) , 116 ( 16’ ) , 118 ( 18’)
3. The Corondo Model 204 (14’)
4. The Sarasota - Model 812, 814, 816,
5. The Catalina - Model 712 (12’), 714 (14’)

Here's the couple of pics updated on the restoration of my Cadillac Daytona. owner  Steve Blackmer below

This is a 1958 boat ad of a Balboa, Riviera, Coronado, and the Monterey by Cadillac Marine and Boat Co. By Brian Fogarty
Photos are taken in Lake Perris, CA below
A little history on this boat… it was rented by Fox 2 years ago for an episode for the show “Bones” season 9. I thought that was cool! Photos of my 14’ 1958 Cadillac boat. Owned by Mike Hall below
This is a 1958 Cadillac Boats ad of a Constellation, Sea Lark, Lido, and Seville by Cadillac Marine & Boat Company by Brian Fogarty below 
This is a 1958 Evinrude Motor ad with a Cadillac boat by Evinrude Motors. This ad use for a teaching, commentary, and research only. by Brian Fogarty  below
1958 Cadillac "Many Pause" in Chuckatuck Creek, Suffolk, VA July 4th  Owned by Guy Brock below  
The 1957 Wagemaker Wolverine Cadillac Custom.It was owned by Linda Derry Heminway and her husband. Linda gave me a picture of  her former boat for my website. by Linda Derry Heminway below 

This is a 1957 Evinrude Lark with a Cadillac "Sea Lark" by Evinrude Motors  - This ad use for a teaching, commentary, and research only. by Brian Fogarty below