My boat won a award best outboard boat of 20 boats in hessel boat show on Aug 11, 2007 with Chris Smith, Grandson of Chris Craft Founder. 
​My boat won a award best outboard at 35th and 37th Portage Lakes Annual Classic Boat Show and President's Choice at Boats on the Boardwalk in traverse city michigan. By Brian Fogarty below

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Hosted by the Southern New England chapter of the Antique and Classic Boating Society.  Our Wagemaker (DOKALUPO) wins first place in the outboard division on July, 2011.  by Doug Bosch below
Doug Bosch take a pictures at Essex Boat Show, CT, July, 2011 by Doug Bosch below

Pictures 1 & 2- Smith Mountain Lake Chapter of ACBS – Best Outboard  Picture 3 & 4 - My model helped secure the award!   Picture 5-  Victory Run! owner Eric Zelman below
Blackhawk Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society- 2013 Geneva Lakes Boats Show Awards winner is 1950 Wagemaker Wolverine Boat named 'Old Times below by Nick Wagner below
Brian's Weigh at the Indian Lake  ( ACBS )  Boat Show in Ohio
Me and Bob Shapton at Lake Leelanau Rendezvous event below
This 1952 Wolverine was awarded "Best in Original Condition" at the Salem MA ACB Festival Aug. 21, 2016. Owned by Ted Chisholm below
In June, 2016, His boat won the Outboard Boat award, named "Running Tabbs" 1956 Wagemaker in St. Michaels, Maryland. below

I did win the 2021 Virtual Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance by Brian Fogarty