Other website of interest are http://www.fiberglassics.com/library/index.php?title=Ash_Craft which provide additional information on Ash-Craft Boats. The Ash-Craft Boat Company had a boat factory in Oak Hill, W.VA, New York, Ohio, and California. According to Wayne Arnold, they had a boat factory in Florida too. If you have any Pictures of your Ash-Craft or any additional information on Ash-Craft Boats. This page is to inform people about how many types of ( Ash-Craft ) were built for a teaching, commentary, and  research purposes only. Please contact me on my Home Page. Thanks, Brian Fogarty

This is a all original 1966 13.6 ft aluminum wolverine rowboat. It is a Ash-Craft by Steve Botelho below

This is a Ash Craft Boat ad by Brian Fogarty below
This message was sent to Brian Fogarty at his Wolverine website by Todd Cavender

Hello my name is Todd Cavender. I have a 1962 Cadillac Catalina with a 1956 Evinrude 25hp. I absolutely love this boat. It was purchased new by my best friend’s uncle in 1962 in Windsor. It spent it’s life up north at a private lake in Michigan (Rainy Lake). I bought the boat in 2013 and brought it home from the lake to restore the decking in it. I have been using the boat ever since. Still runs great to this day. I have always been fascinated by the Cadillac boat company and its history. Here are some more photos of the boat below