Other website of interest are fiberglassics.com/library/Cadillac which provide additional information on molded mahogany boat.If you have any stories and pictures on your Cadillac and would like to share your stories and pictures of your boat on this web site. If you would like to be on this page, Please contact me at mbbfogarty@aol.com
Brian Fogarty​

This is a Cadillac Daytona Boat below by Steve Blackmer
Michael Claudon-We are in the final stages of restoring my Caddy Seville by Michael Claudon- this is a beautiful Cadillac boat below
by Michael Claudon-this is a beautiful motor on a Cadillac boat below
My Cadillac is a 'Custom' and I believe it is a '57. It matches the '57 dated ad on your site. I'm bring the boat back...still has a ways to go. The '57 Johnson Javelin is complete. by Jim Alexander below
here is my little story and some photos below
Well I found my 1954 Cadillac boat on Craigslist. It came with a 1954 Johnson QD15 10hp. It is in great shape for a boat and motor that old. I use it for fishing the Saint Clair River and Lake Saint Clair here in Michigan. It is a very stable boat and performs quite well. Without fishing gear it will run at 21 mph and with all my fishing gear 18-19 mph. If the wind is blowing more than 10mph I stay in protected waters. The wind does push it around a lot while trolling. About the only thing I have done to it is install new transom wood, GPS/Fish finder and some minor motor work. I’m trying to find out who made trailers for Cadillac boats back in the mid 50’s. I plan on a little cleaning of the boat this year. I'm just using SOS pads and water. I also plan on having a new decals made with the Cadillac logo. I can see where the old one was if the light hits it right. I believe these boats were the best boats built back then and there still better than many of the new boats.
by Bob Springer
This is a 1957 Cadillac Boat ad by Brian Fogarty
This is a Cadillac Boat ad by Brian Fogarty